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Why should you choose CNAT in Enterprise & Marketing

If you are interested in the world of business then an OCR National qualification is the subject for you. The Enterprise and Marketing OCR Cambridge National course is a very practical course with a close focus on enterprise and entrepreneurship, as well as applied skills and scenarios from the real world. You will develop and build upon practical business skills through the design of an original product which meets a specific business challenge. This includes market research, designing, scoping and costing products as you might in a real business. Practical, accessible, and exciting to learn, it will inspire you to develop real-world skills to prepare you for your future.

Career Options

After completing your OCR National qualification, you will be in a great position to continue in the Business and Enterprise sector. This qualification prepares students for both practical and academic routes with students progressing to study a range of Level 3 Advanced and Vocational qualifications before eventually progressing to study Level 4 qualifications in this subject area. Typical eventual careers include apprenticeships in Business, Finance, Administration, Marketing and Accountancy or even setting up your own business. This qualification is split into three areas of study: Enterprise and Marketing concepts, designing a business proposal and marketing and pitching a business proposal.


What else could you get out of an OCR qualification in Enterprise and Marketing?

The qualification contains practical activities that build on theoretical knowledge so that you can put your learning into practice while also developing valuable transferable skills such as: verbal communication/presentation, research, analytical skills and digital presentation. You will develop attitudes and ways of working that are important for enterprise and any organisation that you may work for in the future.

How is the course assessed?

The course is assessed through 3 units of work.

Two Internally assessed units of work – 60% weighting combined.

One Externally assessed Examination – 40% weighting.


Attitudes to Learning

There is an expectation that students of this award will demonstrate skills such as those possessed by a typical entrepreneur including interpersonal, communication, financial, leadership, and creative skills. In addition to this students need to demonstrate typical qualities of an entrepreneur such as a motivation to work hard and a desire to achieve success.


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