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English & English Literature 

Why should you study English Language

As English is such an important subject and will teach you invaluable skills that are essential in everyday life, the study of English is compulsory. Through the study of English, students will develop their literacy, analysis and communication skills. These are skills that employers will look for and one of the reasons why excellent results in this subject are important.


Career Options

There are many different careers you could follow from English, such as:• Digital copywriter;• Editorial assistant;• English as a Foreign Language Teacher;• Journalist;• Any career which involves Literacy skills or analysis;• Developing a love and understanding of literature;• Understanding appropriate writing and communication skills.


What else could you get out of English Language?

English is one of the best subjects to develop your analytical and communication skills. Not only will studying English give you the ability to solve analytical problems, it will also help you develop creative thinking skills to tackle everyday issues like writing reports and communicating both verbally and in written work.

How is the course assessed?

4 exam papers at the end of Year 11

English Language:

Paper 1 – Exploration in Creative Reading and Writing – 1 hour 45minutes

Paper 2 – Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives – 1 hour 45 minutes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

English Literature:

Paper 1- Shakespeare and the 19th century novel- 1 hour 45 minutes

Paper 2- Modern texts and Poetry- 2 hours 15 minutes


Attitudes to learning A positive attitude and a willingness to work hard within school and at home. You need to be prepared to have your thinking challenged, to make mistakes and learn from them.


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