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Why should you choose Drama

Drama GCSE - AQA: this course will provide a sound & sufficiently broad educational base to enable each student to progress to post 16 routes. Please watch the video for a full explanation of the course. We try and make it as practical as possible but there is a significant written element and a written exam in Year 11. It is intended that the Drama GCSE course will use each student’s skills & enthusiasm in acting to develop an awareness & interest in the Performing Arts. You will work with a range of different people throughout the course, you will have a lot of fun experimenting with different styles of theatre and you will also see live theatre/recorded live theatre. The coursework and exam content contribute significantly to your final grade so it would help if you are reaching your target grade in English! 

 Career Options

This qualification can lead to many careers; not just careers in the Performing Arts industry.  Many big companies are now specifically looking for Drama qualifications as they enable you to develop your team work, presentation and confidence skills.

What else could you get out of Drama?

As referenced in the careers section; many companies are searching for employees with Drama qualifications as they know they are equipt with the skills to work effectively in many a workplace. You will improve a range of skills such as confidence, team work, presentation, co-operation, organisation, commitment, creativity and many more.

How is the course assessed?

All Components consist of a set of formal assessment tasks. 

The range of tasks will include: 

  • Practical Performance assessment 
  • Observations of rehearsals 
  • Written exam in Year 11 
  • Research and character development 
  • Assessment of written responses and logs which provide evidence for the Component criteria 
  • Peer assessment and team work 


Attitudes to Learning

Students who wish to pursue this course will be required to be organised, creative, supportive, enthusiastic, have excellent time management skills, work well as a team, work well independently and communicate effectively. Students will also be required to rehearse in their own time (after school and lunch times) and will need to attend a live theatre performance in Year 10.

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