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Why should you choose Polish

The objective is to enable students of all abilities to develop their Polish language skills to their full potential, equipping them with the knowledge to communicate in a variety of contexts with confidence The subject is dedicated to those who want to learn about Polish customs and gain cultural knowledge of their ancestors. This subject will broaden your horizons of Polish society and national identity. A Prior knowledge of this subject is essential.

Career Options

Governmental roles, journalist, translator, interpreter, teaching, working for airlines and international companies.


What else could you get out of Polish?

Studying Polish will improve your vocabulary and the accuracy of your sentence structures. It will raise your confidence levels, encourage you to learn more about the country  of great people and  unique history.


How is the course assessed?

The GCSE Polish  includes 4 exams -speaking, reading, writing and listening. Each paper is 25 %  of GCSE.  There are two type of papers: Higher Tier and Foundation Tier. Students are assessed at the beginning of year 11 which Tier they are going to do.


Attitudes to Learning

Students who wish to pursue this course will be required to be organised, creative, supportive, enthusiastic, have excellent time management skills, work well as team, work well independently and communicate effectively in both languages Polish and English.


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