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Spanish EBACC

Why should you choose Spanish

You will become more confident with different forms of communication and enhance your interpersonal skills, gain a great deal of cultural knowledge of the Spanish-speaking world, improve your career prospects.


Career Options


Governmental roles, journalist, translator, interpreter, teaching, flight attendant, travel guide, holiday representative, roles in international companies, customer service and marketing roles. 

There are also many industries such as the sports, hospitality (hotel/restaurant), travel, healthcare, fashion, film/television, music, media, agriculture, law, automotive, gaming, technology and international finance industries where knowing Spanish is extremely beneficial and can give you a competitive advantage over other candidates! 

More and more UK and international businesses are trading and working with Spanish-speaking countries to increase their customer/client base abroad and nationally.


What else could you get out of Spanish?

Studying Spanish will improve your vocabulary and the accuracy of your sentence structures in English, help your confidence levels, boost your brain power, encourage you to learn more about the many countries that speak Spanish and improve your cultural knowledge.

How is the course assessed?

4 exams - speaking, reading, writing and listening 25% per skill.


Attitudes to Learning

You will have or will develop a growth mindset, have enthusiasm for the the Spanish and Hispanic cultures, increase your linguistic ability or even just having an interest in learning a language or languages.

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