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Staff Obstacle Race for Charity

 Over twenty members of staff competed in a series of physical challenges (obstacle, sack and sprint races) for the honour of their departments and of course for charity.

The challenge was set by the Sixth Form for the Pearl of Africa charity and is part of their on going fund raising project and a continuation of last years appeal.

The races stretched (some) of our staff to their (not extensive) limits but the enthusiasm was heartening as was the support from the students who gave up their lunch hour and 50p for the honour of viewing the physical  prowess of the sporting icons of the school.

Some members of staff battled through the pain of injuries suffered in the early challenges (kudos to Mr Derbyshire) and others struggled with equipment inadequate in scale for their physique (well done Mr Derbyshire) as well as obstacles which were of insufficient size to fit through (er.. Mr Derbyshire again)

The outcome was a victory to the PE teachers, but as they had more team members and also one or two 'substitutes' (in other sporting events they would be described as 'Ringers') than other departments perhaps we shouldn't be surprised!

The fund raising continue in a few days with an Ice Cream eating challenge (see HERE) where perhaps fortune will swing to favour other entrants (Mr Derbyshire)

Click HERE to see some photos of the Phoenix athletes in action

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