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Screen Free Day

We wish to give every member of our school community the opportunity to go ‘screen –free’ for the day on Wednesday 10th February as a way of recognising Children’s Mental Health Week.

Instead of hosting live sessions via MS Teams and posting work on Class Charts we would like everyone to complete some alternative activities that focus on the elements of the school curriculum that don’t require a laptop or similar device and promote a sense of well-being. We feel this is especially important during this prolonged period of remote learning which relies heavily on digital devices.

Students are invited to select five activities from the list below to complete next Wednesday. Teaching staff will also be sharing some subject-specific suggestions during their live lessons over the coming days. It is about doing things which does not involve staring at a screen!!

We would love to know what you get up to – perhaps you could share a photo of something you created or even a video of what you did. Please email to but not until Thursday 11th February! There will be a tutor session where you will discuss what you did in the day after ½ term.

Happy ScreenFree Day! 

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